Beste Özcan


In 2009 she got an M.A. at Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Hacettepe University, Ankara. In 2014 she got an International Ph.D. in Design and Innovation at Second University of Naples. The Ph.D. program allowed her to continue her research in Technical University of Lisbon and University of Malaga for one year. Her research was focused on a new design approach, related to the visions of the future, interaction design, wearable computing considering “What it means to be human?” in the future.

During her Ph.D., she devised an innovative design approach, wrote a manifesto, projected a web platform underlying Euro-Mediterranean cultural identity and its influence on other cultures and organised a cross-cultural probe test through experimental workshops (Italy and Portugal) and as such.

The cross-cultural probe pilot test was done to evaluate how students are prepared to new technological advancements and how they would use them to create new concepts. After finishing her Ph.D., she worked as an assistant professor and co-tutor at The University of Sapienza. Currently, she is a visiting researcher at the robotic laboratory at The University of La Salle, Barcellona and at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council, ISTC-CNR, (Rome, Italy) in terms of developing social robotics and wearables for the therapy and education of children. She is interested in cognitive sciences, interactive and wearable computing, social innovation, AI, robots, the future, sci-fi, art, and everything in between.

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Zinc Design & Innovation Lab 


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Mehmet Sinan Bermek

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Born in Istanbul, Mehmet Sinan Bermek is an architect, programmer and atypical machinist and puppeteer. Specialized in computational structural design and CAM applications he thinks electronics and non-conventional robotics need to be a bigger part of our urban and human space.

He currently is a contract researcher and lecturer in Department of Geotechnics and Structural Engineering in the University of Sapienza in Rome, works with Koç university in Istanbul as a consultant for structural consolidation in Kucukyali archaeological excavations. He is also part of code and art collectives. (AndroidiFusi, NONE et al.)

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Maria Alejandra Garcia-Corretjer


She is a researcher for design innovation bringing together technology and human experience with a background in Industrial and Interaction design from Rhode Island School of Design with an entrepreneurial outlook, Ale brings a unique perspective to Design Thinking projects. She focuses on the array of Design Thinking methodologies along with an agile approach in managing projects in order to have a well-sustained analysis, concept, and prototype of service concepts with a human-centric mindset. Ale has two master’s degree focused on Research for Design and innovation and project management. Currently, she is working on her pre-doctorate thesis on the relationship between people and interactive, connected objects.

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