SAR Design workshop

Designing Socially Assistive Robotics (SAR) that bring educational and therapeutic benefits to children

We propose a one-day (min. 6 hours) participative ‘hands on’ workshop for researchers, educators, caregivers, designers, students, engineers, and other professionals to contribute, share and learn together, with the objective of developing methodologies and guidelines for designing Socially Assistive Robots (SAR) that can enhance education and therapy for children.

With SAR still a relatively new concept and yet increasingly being recognised for the benefits they provide when interacting with children, the aim of the workshop is to build understanding about the most effective ways of designing robots that will provide the best experience and optimal impact for children. By bringing together teachers, therapists, robotics technologists and human-centered designers, the rich blend of participants will provide the ideal platform to collaborate and provide the necessary frameworks that others can use for the development of future social robots.

The format will begin with informative and inspirational talks from experts in their respective fields (therapists, roboticists, designers), before splitting into groups to tackle different challenges. Each group will have a blend of different skills & experience to tackle the individual challenge they are given.

We will then come together again so each group can then share the outcome of its work with the rest of the participants. The workshop participants will then align as a group on the key learnings and methodologies that will constitute the framework for future design & development in this space.