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Awards and Grants

  1. “Lokahi” is selected as one of the four winners for “HER” Art & Data Digital Art Festival. 
  2. “+me” project is financed by Region of Lazio (2018-2020).
  3. “+me” project is selected as the best creative design in “New Technology” category, “Lazio Creativo, 2018”.
  4. “+me” project is selected as one of the best projects, “Torno Subito, 2015”.
  5. “+me” project GLOBAL ELEVATE AWARDS 2016, runner-up winner.
  6. “+me” project The Best Social Innovation Project 2015, StartCup Lazio.
  7. Postdoc research fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy (ISTC-CNR).
  8. One-year (in total) interaction design scholarship at ISTC-CNR.
  9. Italian Government research fellowship, “Transitional interactive wearables with biosensors to improve the communication of children with autism”, six months in the University of La Salle-Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain, 2016 (The project is also selected as one of the most innovative project from thousands of projects).
  10. Turkish Government M.E.B. research fellowship, six months in the design department of the University of Sapeinza, Rome, Italy, 2015.
  11. Region of Campania Ph.D. scholarship, three years in the University of Naples, Italy, 2009-2013.
  12. Six months visiting fellowship at The University of Lisbon.
  13. Six months visiting fellowship at The University of Malaga.