My name, Beste Ozcan refers to (any musical) composition in Turkish. So, I call myself as a design composer and a “technoromantic” with all new innovative ideas and visions for the world of tomorrow. After finishing my bachelor’s degree as an interior architect and environmental designer in Hacettepe University, Ankara, I started to do my masters of art degree in the same department. My research thesis was about “Sustainable urban squares and as a giving example, Piazza Navona”. To gather meaningful information about it, I have studied in University of Rome as an exchange student for one year.

Recently, I have finished my PhD at the “design and innovation” international program at Second University of Naples, Italy. The PhD program allowed me to continue my research in Technical University of Lisbon and University of Malaga for one year. I intended to continue my studies at the PhD level focusing on a new design approach, related with the visions of the future, interaction design, wearable computing considering “What it means to be human?” 

I devised an innovative design approach, wrote a manifesto, projected a web platform underlying Euro-Mediterranean cultural identity and its influence on other cultures and organized a cross-cultural probe test through experimental workshops (Italy and Portugal) and as such. The cross-cultural probe pilot test was done to evaluate how students are prepared to new technological advancements and how they would use them to create new concepts.

My current research is to pose new questions regarding what type of communication could be considered as an augmentative factor towards social innovation by using technology on the human-machine hybridity world. Also, I am working on interactive toys and games to help the development of the five senses of children with autism.